My work is all about you. Your brand. Your film, thoughts, scripts and ideas. Maybe we have to kill some darlings along the way and it might get late, but we’ll get there and have fun. 

Schooled in the analogue days I'm specialized in original compositions for moving images recorded with musicians / singers / sound effects since 1997. In a world dominated by digitized music with no soul or heart pumpin', it’s still the best way to capture human emotions and that's what moves people. A microphone instead of a touch pad. Bach, Blues, Motown, Morricone, Amy and Bruno instead of autotune.

Experience the way I work. I look forward to briefings, ideas, requests for scores or tunes with great lyrics and melodies or just a final edit with a brutal deadline. 

It worked for brands like Nike, Bacardi, Opel, ABN/AMRO, Dutch Forces, Belgium Government, Motorola, Randstad, Motorola, KPN, Philips, IdtV, Amnesty International, PickWick, Yamaha, Sun, SBS Broadcasting, Endemol, Unilever, Douwe Egberts, Skoda, Merci, De Telegraaf, Schiphol and many more. 

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PHONE: 0031 (0)6 54945217