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Hello, my name is Mark. My work is all about you.

Your brand, your campaign, your film, your marketing communication, thoughts and goals. In between reason and imagination I feel at home.


Jos Burgers taught me how to write marketing plans. Subsequently I started working more creatively in the marketing and communication services industry.

Both with letters and notes. Think plans, strategy, scripts, campaign lyrics, copy for websites, blogs….  I’m well read. With my education, experience and the latest cultural, economical en political developments in my mind I’m skilled to help you with a wide variety of work.

Schooled in the analogue days I also create original compositions for moving images like tv commercials.

I compose and record with musicians, singers, sound effects since 1997. In a world dominated by digitized music with no soul or heart pumpin', it’s still a great way to capture human emotions and that's what moves people. The first computer with a soul still has to be born, isn’t it? Experience the way I work. I look forward to briefings, plans, ideas and requests for scores.


Marketing and communication: strategy, analyses, copywriting, concept and content development. 

Music: original composition for moving images and songwriting with knowledge of the industry including legal matters


Nike, Bacardi, Opel, ABN/AMRO, Dutch Forces, Belgium Government, Nivea, Motorola, Randstad, Motorola, KPN, Philips, IdtV, Amnesty International, PickWick, Yamaha, Sun, SBS Broadcasting, Endemol, Unilever, Douwe Egberts, Skoda, Merci, Struik, De Telegraaf, Rick Engelkes Producties, NEP, Schiphol, Jos Burgers, Batavus, VU Amsterdam, Z@pp, Koga Miyata, NPO, Radio 10 and many more. 

Contact me:


PHONE: 0031 (0)6 54945217

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